Caer Beris Manor Hotel is surrounded with natural beauty of the Welsh countryside.


Fully respecting this heritage, the owners have pledged to keep a sustainable environmental campaign to help with safeguarding our local area. We are delighted to announce that there are facilities for charging all kind of electric cars (including Tesla) at the Hotel.

We are also going to be first location In Mid Wales having Tesla Supercharger facility at our premise.

Green Commandments

At Caer Beris Manor, we are continually working to understand the environmental issues that can be associated with all operations within the Hotel. Below are some examples of the actions we are now taking for the future:

  • Incorporating environmental awareness int our staff training and ensuring everyone is involved with its implementation

  • Working with our suppliers to increase usage of environmentally friendly products and supplies

  • Purchasing recycled goods wherever possible

  • Recycling or e-using old furniture by donating everything in good condition to charities or organisations

  • Installing energy saving features during refurbishments such as low energy lighting wherever feasible

  • Reducing the impact of paper usage by increasing our use of online transactions and electronic data collection

  • Adopting an environmentally sound transport strategy, encouraging the usage of bikes, car share, shared taxi for staff and public transport for other guests

  • Responsibly sourcing food products and ingredients following seasonal trends and sourcing locally wherever possible to reduce food miles ad support the local community

  • Monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance on an ongoing basis

  • Encouraging residents to re-use linens and towels and turn off power whenever not in use

We are looking forward to introduce more ways that we as a business, and our guests can help the environment. Over the coming years, we will strive to become a fully green Hotel in Wales.