Our 27 acres of grounds reflect the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds us.

Aerial shot of Caer Beris Manor and surrounding grounds.

Aerial shot of Caer Beris Manor and surrounding grounds.

It is an enchanted microcosm of the Mid Wales countryside and why so many guests who once they find the area return, time after time. Caer Beris provides each guest a chance to rekindle the spirit amongst the greenery of the natural world. 

Our parkland is natural and has never been treated with pesticides. In early spring time it is a natural wildflower meadow with violets and cowslips. Wood anenome grow in the ancient woodland along with marsh marigolds which line the river bank. It is as though time forgot this little corner of the world. Our Otter Hide allows you a chance of spotting otters on the river. Glorious rhododendrons have now grown to remarkable heights since they were planted in the 1920's by the Swansea family. The Millennium Orchard was planted with many varietes of original British varieties on 1st January, 2000. These now  produces a delicious crop of apples each year  which are used in the hotel kitchens. 


The best bit was that we enjoyed a pleasant long walk in the extensive grounds, without even leaving the hotel boundary down to the river which was wonderful to explore amidst the colours of autumn. 

The River Irfon charts its course through our grounds, a natural spate river soon to join the River Wye a few hundred yards downstream. The lure of the water draws not only anglers but lovers of nature too. All kinds of water birds live on the river and it is a delight to see dippers and kingfishers there. The uniqueness of the rock formation of the river has been designated with three sites of special scientific interest.

Our very own Millennium Bridge spans the river and reflects the way life used to be when travelling by foot was the main form of transport.